Signs of Hope, Coming Together

It's a grim period we are entering as Trump takes office. At the very moment in history we must ramp up to a full-scale, WWII style mobilization to combat climate change in the upcoming year, Trump is filling his cabinet with corporate and fossil fuel shills, handing our future and our children's futures over to those who seem utterly and fanatically bent on policies that will destroy our chances of survival - all for the sake of maintaining maximum profits.

But there are signs of hope. "Environmental justice is the fair treatment and meaningful involvement of all people regardless of race, color, national origin, or income with respect to the development, implementation, and enforcement of environmental laws, regulations, and policies." - Wikipedia. Starting just three days after the election from November 11 to 13, 2016, hundreds of young climate warriors of all different backgrounds from different parts of the country came together at the Power Shift 2016 Conference in UC Berkeley. They came together for training and discussions on environmental justice, different ways to attack climate change including carbon tax, divestment, reforming how we eat and how we farm, how to be allies and support people of color battling environmental injustice such as what is happening in Richmond, at Flint, Michigan, at Standing Rock, training on non-violent, direct action and more. They brainstormed on how to continue to work together beyond the conference.

On November 15th, two days after the conference ended, many organizations across the country and the world including Indigenous Environmental Network, Honor the Earth,, Bold Alliance, Greenpeace, Sierra Club, Stand and Rainforest Action Network called for a coordinated day of action to support the Standing Rock Sioux. Over 100 people joined together in the middle of the day for a rousing protest in front of Citibank in downtown Santa Rosa. Then some of us went from this action to another protest in front of Citibank in downtown San Rafael where several hundred people rallied in support of Standing Rock, with many cars in the evening traffic honking in support.


On December 4th, even more of us converged for a vigil and silent march in solidarity with the 2,000 unarmed military veterans arriving at the Standing Rock Sioux reservation. This time, 500-600 people came together in front of Citibank in downtown Santa Rosa as they are are the bank coordinating the 17 banks financing of the Dakota Access Pipeline (#NoDAPL). It was an astounding outpouring of support, beyond the wildest expectations of those of us who organized it! It was thrilling, seeing it spilling over to the other side of the street and the opposite corner on very short notice.

100 residents bused from Sonoma County to join the huge climate march in Oakland 2015

Over the years I have wondered if a protest even with thousands of people is an effective way to deal with climate change. Since the election I know the answer to this. It's a heartening antidote to deadly, debilitating depression induced by the Trump agenda. For sure, we have a staggering amount of work to do, made infinitely harder by the plans Trump has in store for us all. But psychologically it's good for those of us in despair at the devastating changes ahead of us. It feels incredibly good to stand up with a lot of people who care. Now more than ever, we need to come together for a WWII scale mobilization to deal with the climate crisis.

So join us. Take action. Get involved. Get the county to act as one on the many fronts that will now be under attack. Start by getting 5 or 10 of your friends and family involved.

Pick a task, take on a role, and RUN WITH IT!

Check out our volunteer page. Check out our new "Thing You Can Do" page (subject to change!). 

Also, check posts on our Facebook page today 1/20/2017. Scroll down to Jan. 20 if you need to.



Standing Rock: Coalition Statement: Next Steps


December 8, 2016 - Coalition Statement

What's Next for the Water Protectors at Standing Rock?

We, the below stated, are a coalition of grassroots groups living and working in the Dakota Access resistance camps along the Cannon Ball River in Oceti Sakowin treaty lands.  

Sacred Stone Camp | Indigenous Environmental Network | International Indigenous Youth Council |  Honor the Earth

The following is a coalition statement on the next steps for the #NoDAPL fight:

[excerpt from coalition statement]

"We ask you to join us in an unprecedented divestment campaign to kill the black snake financially. We will also ask you to engage in the development of the Environmental Impact Statement to the extent that the public is invited to participate, and guide you through that process. But let us use this time to cut off funding for the project.  

December is an international month of action focused on the 17 banks that are profiting off investments in the Dakota Access pipeline. Shut these banks down with direct action. Close your accounts and tell the world you’re doing it. Pressure your local jurisdictions and philanthropists to divest. Every day is a day of action.   

This fight is not over, not even close. In fact, this fight is escalating. The incoming Trump administration promises to be a friend to the oil industry and an enemy to Indigenous people. It is unclear what will happen with the river crossing. Now more than ever, we ask that you stand with us as we continue to demand justice."


Divest from the 17 Banks Funding the Dakota Access Pipeline!

Click here for our next big push: The coalition is asking everyone to divest from the 17 banks funding the DAPL.

For more updates, see also:

Sonoma County - Solidarity with the Standing Rock Sioux - Facebook page

Click the Solidarity with Standing Rock links at the top of this site.

Email to join the Sonoma-NoDAPL mailing list.





Water protectors in Standing Rock are under attack again by militarized police, they are spraying water cannons (it's 25 degrees out), shooting rubber bullets, using sound weapons and tear gas at Water Protectors who are attempting to remove burnt out vehicles on the bridge.

CALLS TO MAKE TONIGHT or TOMORROW about the attacks on water protectors at Standing Rock:
Morton County Sheriff's Dept: 701-328-8118 (can leave a message) & 701-667-3330
North Dakota National Guard: 701-333-2000

North Dakota Governor: 701.328.2200

Demand that they have law enforcement STAND DOWN on Highway 1806. This is unacceptable.


Update from Sierra Club on Facebook:

Tonight, militarized police in Standing Rock are assaulting peaceful protesters with water cannons in freezing temperatures, the latest in a ongoing use of force against Native Americans and others standing up to the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Sierra Club Executive Director Michael Brune responded, "This act of brutality by militarized police is an unacceptable assault on peaceful water protectors exercising their First Amendment rights and standing up for their heritage. Spraying water on peaceful water protectors in freezing temperatures is nothing short of life-threatening and inhumane, making this a disgraceful new low in the ongoing use of force by police. The Sierra Club stands in solidarity with our tribal allies in this historic effort, and urges President Obama to take the steps necessary to protect the safety and rights of everyone in Standing Rock immediately.”

Nov. 15 - THREE Actions Planned for Santa Rosa, Plus San Rafael and San Francisco

Update on the Recent Benefit, and Update on the Standing Rock Day of Action Nov. 15 happening in the Bay Area coordinating with others across the country -

There is a huge groundswell of support for Standing Rock. Hundreds attended the benefit at the Sebastopol Grange on Nov. 6 which raised nearly $29,000 for Standing Rock. There was a line out the door, people waiting for other people to leave so that they could get in, and a shuttle to two nearby parking lots as the Grange parking lot was too full. There is also tremendous interest and activity on Facebook here and to some degree here, and on mailing lists and other local forums promoting the day of action. We expect a good turnout for the Nov. 15 day of action.

We have heard of at least THREE actions planned for Santa Rosa for tomorrow's nationwide coordinated Day of Action in support of Standing Rock. See below for info on the Santa Rosa actions, as well as the one in San Rafael (which we are focusing on) and San Francisco.


UPDATE 2:22 PM 11/15/2016:

TWO actions in city of Sonoma TODAY:


UPDATE 2:24 PM 11/15/2016:

The rally in front of Citibank at noon today in downtown Santa Rosa was a huge success. I think 150-200 people were there (hard for me to estimate). Group letters - one for Citibank and one for Wells Fargo - were circulated and signed by the participants in the rally.

There is another rally planned for 5:30 tonight in Santa Rosa.

Some of us are headed to the demonstration at Citibank in San Rafael later this afternoon.

Photos soon.


4:30 to 6:30 PM - Citibank in San Rafael

We, 350 Sonoma along with the newly formed Solidarity with Standing Rock group in Sonoma County, are supporting the Citibank action in San Rafael, as they are the bank coordinating the financing of the Dakota Access Pipeline. We originally planned to support the action SF but the traffic and most especially the parking is horrendous even on a day with no action or other big event planned.

We decided to focus on 350Marin's action targeting Citibank in San Rafael, as it is likely the second largest direct action in the Bay Area planned for Tuesday, Nov. 15. The reason this is important to get a good showing at both of these events is that the larger these two events are, the more likely the mainstream media will do a story about them. As the two largest events in the Bay Area, they are the most likely to get press attention. There has been extremely poor coverage in the mainstream media. This is a chance to get media attention. We also support other local actions and have listed a number of these on this web site, as well as getting out the word on our mailing lists and Facebook. In the end, do what's right for you.

Bus, Carpool & Parking Info:


6:30 AM to 9:30 AM - Army Corps of Engineer in San Francisco

350 Bay Area is coordinating a day of action targetting the Army Corps of Engineers. It starts at 6:30am with a sunrise prayer ceremony at Civic Center Plaza, then walk to the offices of the Army Corps of Engineers.

Some coordination of rides/carpooling to SF is happening on Facebook on the benefit events page where discussion and updates regarding Standing Rock continue:


Santa Rosa has exploded with THREE possible actions on Nov. 15 which you can join:

11:45 AM - Citibank Action in downtown Santa Rosa

Action targeting Citibank in downtown Santa Rosa, as they are the bank coordinating the financing of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Meet at 11:45 AM:


5:30 PM to 7:30 PM (1 of 2 events at this time slot) - Human Rights Commission Meeting

If you can't join folks in San Francisco, San Rafael, or Sonoma tomorrow  but what to do something - The Human Rights Commission will be voting on a resolution to support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe.

Please come and voice your support for the resolution! This is the first step towards hopefully convincing the Board Of Supervisors and Santa Rosa City Council to support the tribe's resistance to the DAPL. These meetings tend to go long, so eat some dinner beforehand!

Meeting starts at 5:30 PM
Permit & Resource Management Department (PRMD)

2550 Ventura Avenue
Hearing Room
Santa Rosa, CA 95403


5:30-7:30 pm (2 of 2 events at this time slot) - Demonstration
ALSO:  Demonstration in Santa Rosa. 5:30-7:30 pm, corner of 4th Street and Mendocino Ave. Bring signs. Tell friends.
For more info, 707-795-1044


If I've missed anything, please email . I will try to update this page until about noon tomorrow - the 15th, and possibly in the afternoon. Thanks!


CARPOOL & BUS info for the Nov. 15 Action at Citibank, San Rafael!

Wear Blue & Bring Signs
Folks going to the action in SF are being encouraged to wear blue, to represent water. Let's do it in San Rafael too! Bring signs if you can. Note the meeting point and more info about the Standing Rock Day of Action Nov. 15 at the bottom. Thanks for joining us!

Bus Info

Southbound #101 Bus - Santa Rosa to San Rafael - $8 one way - Bring exact change
Golden Gate Transit #101 leaves Santa Rosa Transit Mall (2nd & B St.). It arrives at San Rafael Transit Center (Platform A, close to 2nd St). It stops in Rohnert Park, Cotati, Petaluma, and Novato, on the way.

Santa Rosa   San Rafael

1:45pm - Arrive 3:10pm (early trip)
2:45pm - Arrive 4:10pm <— BEST
3:40pm - Arrive 5:10pm (late)

Rohnert Park, Cotati, or Petaluma to San Rafael - $6.75 one way
Use the Trip Planner on or Google Maps to find out what time the #101 departs Rohnert Park, Cotati, or Petaluma. Remember to bring exact change for each way.

Within Marin County to San Rafael is only $2.

Return trip: Northbound #101 Bus
Board NORTHBOUND #101 bus at a different platform than where you arrived:  Platform C - close to 3rd St. Additional trips are listed in case the first bus is full or you want to grab a bite to eat.

San Rafael to Santa Rosa

6:15pm - Arrive 7:43pm
6:45pm - Arrive 8:12pm
7:15pm - Arrive 8:40pm
8:15pm - Arrive 9:38pm

Carpool Info
Traffic into San Rafael shouldn't be too bad, but we hear parking is difficult. Please carpool. Also, if you are getting a ride, please offer to share the cost of gas.

For carpooling from Santa Rosa, meet at 3:00 PM at the Park & Ride lot at Brookwood Ave/Hwy. 12. It's just north of the county fairgrounds under the overpass. Overflow parking is available at the Veterans Building. 215 parking spaces.

For carpooling from Petaluma, meet at 3:15 PM at the Park & Ride at
E. Washington St at Petaluma Fairgrounds (150 spaces).
Parking Info
There is parking under the freeway in central San Rafael if people carpool down there.

Here's a link to download a PDF of the downtown parking lots. It's marked with the Citibank location (red box with an X), and with the kiosk where we'll meet (blue box with an X) - see bottom right corner of the map.

Here is a link to city parking lots in downtown San Rafael:

One of our members says, "we did get our car towed once in San Rafael when we thought we had parked it legally etc. And the rules changed after certain hours. It was a very expensive mistake to make and it wasn't at all clear to us" what they should have done.

Meeting Point
Meet at the coffee kiosk on Platform D - at the corner of 3rd St. & Tamalpais, the NE corner of the Transit Center. Citibank is across the street! Don't forget - wear blue to represent water!

Thanks go to Laura and most especially Jenny! for their help with these instructions!

General Info about the Standing Rock Day of Action Nov. 15

Look up actions planned in other locations across the country:



Mailing Lists, Facebook, Web Site

To sign up with 350 Sonoma for climate action, see:

To sign up with the new Sonoma County - Solidarity with Standing Rock, see:


See you there! Mni Wiconi! Water is Life!





NOV 14: CALL & WRITE to END DAPL! Stand with Standing Rock!

(Updated 11/13/16)

From Idle No More SF Bay:

Your action is NEEDED.

On Monday, Nov. 14, please:

Gather in community and hold letter-writing, emailing, and calling parties to urge the immediate END of DAPL. Organize yourselves to act together on this day! Please. If you can’t gather, mobilize yourself and friends/family to make these calls on 11/14. We will keep making these calls until DAPL is stopped.

(White House, Army Corps, DOJ, Funders, Local Representatives)
click here for more info

WHEN? Monday 11/14
WHAT? Call and/or write to the institutions that have the power
to stop DAPL. Let’s flood their offices!

For more info, see:


On Monday, Nov. 14, 350 Sonoma is hosting a letter/postcard writing party:

Stop by SOCO Coffee on Fourth St. to write a couple of quick postcards to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline, 9:30 - 11am. We''ll provide postcards and ideas for messages to send to the White House, Department of Justice, and Army Corps of Engineers. You express your concerns; we'll stamp and mail the messages. SOCO Cafe, 1015 4th St. (cross street: Brookwood, near Santa Rosa Middle School) in Santa Rosa.



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Change of Plan! -- Tuesday, Nov. 15! Standing Rock Action!

CHANGE OF PLAN! Tuesday, Nov. 15 in SAN RAFAEL -- NOT SF!

(updated carpool/bus info 11/13/16)

Support the Standing Rock Sioux against the Dakota Access Pipelline (DAPL) in a day of action!

The following environmental leaders have asked all their supporters and local groups in the US to coordinate a day of action on Nov. 15 in support of Standing Rock.
The newly formed Sonoma County - Solidarity with Standing Rock and 350 Sonoma, a climate action group, are supporting 350Marin's action in San Rafael. We are targeting Citibank, as they are the bank coordinating the financing of the Dakota Access Pipeline.
666 3rd St.
Next to the San Rafael Transit Center
Tuesday, Nov. 15 - 4:30-6:30 PM
Parking will be tough. Please carpool or take the bus:
Carpool and Bus Info
Other Nov. 15 Actions Across the US:
Here are other Nov. 15 actions you can support, in San Francisco, Novato, and the town of Sonoma:
Please be there! ​
Supported by:
Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN)
Honor the Earth
BOLD Alliance
Greenpeace USA
Rainforest Action Network (RAN)
Oil Change International
and more!
Also, on Monday, Nov. 14 please support the letter writing and phone campaign organized by Idle No More SF Bay.
We are organizing one in Santa Rosa on Monday:
See our Facebook page for more info.

Message from 350 Bay Area: Let's take our energy to the streets & Stand with Standing Rock!

A message and announcements from our parent organization, 350 Bay Area below.

Join us in supporting Standing Rock on Nov. 15! We must support the Standing Rock Sioux against the fossil fuel industry! Info about carpools and public transit to follow.

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: 350 Bay Area <>
Date: Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 10:43 AM
Subject: Let's take our energy to the streets & Stand with Standing Rock!

350 Bay Area

Climate action just took on a whole new level of urgency.  It's up to us, the people. The future of the planet rests in our hands. Social justice victories from civil rights to women's rights were achieved because powerful mass movements led the way.

The indigenous-led movement to fight the Dakota Access Pipeline is one such movement which is at a critical moment. Please join us on the national day of action to fight this dirty money pipeline on November 15th. Our goal is to have 3,000 people in the streets! Click here to see Bill McKibben talk (at ~24:00in Marin recently about how important the NoDAPL/Standing Rock movement is. 

The events & actions listed below are what's happening right now in the Bay Area to keep us as close as possible to 1.5 degrees Celsius warming:

As always, you can donate, and find more information on our events page and updates on key actions on our home page

Oak_NoDaPL.jpgBay Area Stands with Standing Rock: National Day of Action
Tuesday, Nov 15 6:30am-12noon
San Francisco

The timing of the day of action is planned to coincide with a week after the election to send a strong message to both Obama and President-elect Clinton that this is a serious issue. Also Nov 21st is the date of the final US Army Corps of Engineers consultation meeting with tribal leaders. They approved this project without proper consultation and consideration of the environmental damage that could happen. On Nov 15th there are actions happening all over the country & internationally as well. The goal for SF is 3,000 people in attendance with at least 300 doing nonviolent civil disobedience. 

Click Here for more information & to RSVP

StandingRockcircle-up.jpgMarin Stands with Standing Rock 
Tuesday, Nov 15 4:30-6:30pm

If you live in Marin County, you can demonstrate in solidarity in SF & Marin. You can drop by after work. In Marin the rallies will be in the evening in two locations, one in downtown San Rafael where Citibank is located, as they are the bank coordinating the financing of the Dakota Access Pipeline, and one in Novato at a soon to be determined location (go back to the link below to find out where).

Click Here for more information & to RSVP

refinery_emissions.jpegStop Rising Refinery Pollution
Wednesday, Nov 16 9:30am-12:30pm
San Francisco

At a time when we urgently need to stop new fossil fuel infrastructure projects, the biggest industrial polluters in the Bay Area, the oil refineries, are getting permits from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District (BAAQMD or Air District) for dirty oil infrastructure projects as if there were no tomorrow. For four years, staff promised and failed to put a cap refinery emissions in it's Rule 12-16 proposal. Now they are refusing to share their legal justifications for opposing caps, and continue to cause delays, while supporting industry arguments. BAAQMD Stationary Source Committee Chair John Goia says that public presence in Board meetings is essential in order to show support for the community's proposal. So please join us at the important meeting.

Click Here for more information & to RSVP

350 Bay Area · San Francisco Bay Area region, CA, United States
You can also keep up with 350 Bay Area on Twitter or Facebook.



Message from May Boeve, Executive Director

Dear friends,

It’s hard to know what to say in a moment like this. Many of us are reeling from the news and shaken to the core about what a Trump Presidency will mean for the country, and the difficult work ahead for our movements.

Trump’s misogyny, racism, and climate denial pose a greater threat than we’ve ever faced, and the battleground on which we’ll fight for justice of all kinds will be that much rougher.

The hardest thing to do right now is to hold on to hope, but it’s what we must do. We should feel our anger, mourn, pray, and then do everything we can to fight hate.

In 48 hours, leaders from across movements for justice will gather on a live broadcast to discuss plans for the fight ahead. To continue toward justice, our movements must join together like never before.

If that’s a vision you want to be part of, join the live strategy session on November 11th.

When times get tough, it’s crucial to remember: we are in this together, and when we mobilize, we are capable of the unimaginable. No one man — no matter how cruel or powerful — can take that away.

Here’s what I’m keeping in mind right now:

  • This is a global movement. It’s more important than ever to remember our connection with people in literally every country who are fighting the fossil fuel industry right now — many in the toughest conditions imaginable. I believe in our collective power like nothing else.
  • The fossil fuel industry is in a fight for its life. When we expose their lies, stop their pipelines, divest from their stocks and take away their social license — they fight back. Their investment in this election was no secret, and they’re going to double-down in its aftermath.
  • Local fossil fuel resistance is taking root everywhere. Not only has the fight against the Dakota Access pipeline spread like wildfire, but other campaigns against fracking, pipelines, and coal are too many to name. None of us are giving up or going home today.

There is no denying the fact that our job is harder now. I’m taking a moment to grieve with loved ones today, and I hope you are too.

But tomorrow, and the next day, and the day after that, the movements for climate justice, for Black and brown lives, for immigrant justice, for democracy and everyone who believes Donald Trump is the opposite of what makes America great — will step into our power together and show that the people who want justice represent a force too great to ignore.

It will take all of us. But together, we can — and we will — blaze a bright path through this dark day.

With hope and resolve,

May for the team is building a global climate movement. Become a sustaining donor to keep this movement strong and growing.

Message from Sierra Club: We won't give up, we won't stop fighting.

A message from Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune:

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Michael Brune, Sierra Club <>
Date: Wed, Nov 9, 2016 at 10:47 AM
Subject: We won't give up, we won't stop fighting.

Explore. Enjoy. Protect.
Take action right now to urge President Obama to do everything in his power to cement his environmental legacy.
Take action!
Take action!

Dear Hoai-An,

There's no way right now to ease the shock and dismay of what we're facing today.

Our movement had important wins last night, but those are overshadowed by the specter of a Trump presidency and a Congress still under the control of the fossil fuel industry.

What we do now -- how we respond to this shocking turn of events -- will determine how catastrophic this will be for our environment and our communities.

The very first thing we must do is make sure President Obama does everything he can over the next 71 days to protect our progress on climate action and environmental safeguards.

Send an urgent message to President Obama right now urging him to take swift action before Donald Trump takes office.

Sadness. Anger. Disgust. -- We're all feeling a complicated mix of emotions right now. We've fought hard over the last eight years to make real progress on climate, environmental protections, and so many important issues. And yet the forces that did everything they could to obstruct that progress are now in a position to take us backwards. Now the question is: what do we do next?

Hope. Strength. Determination. -- We will fight and we will resist, but we will not cower in a defensive posture for the next four years. We've fought against long odds many times before -- and won. Remember that our Beyond Coal coalition defeated one coal plant proposal after another -- during the Bush presidency. And though Trump-McConnell-Ryan is a poisonous combination, they can't stop regulators and local governments from choosing clean energy when it's the cheapest and smartest option. They can't stop cities from going to 100-percent clean energy. They can't stop the private sector that wants to be part of the climate solution, not the problem. They can't stop millions of people from exploring and protecting our precious public lands. We'll have to adjust many of our strategies, but we won't allow our progress on climate and clean energy to be stopped.

We can't afford to give up or waver from our conviction to fight for climate action and against corporate polluters. Take action right now to urge President Obama to do everything in his power to preserve key environmental protections.

This is our moment to refuse to give up. Our resolve is not diminished by the momentary victory of cynicism over hope, hate over compassion, and lies over truth. We have no intention of standing down or succumbing to hopelessness. We can, we must, and we will win this fight.

In the months and years ahead, we will redouble our campaign to fight the fossil fuel industry, and to make sure that our climate and communities are protected from corporate polluters. We will work with you make sure that dangerous fossil fuel projects continue to be challenged in courtrooms, town halls, and on the streets. What's clear is that cities, towns, and states will be the leaders on climate and environmental protection for now.

Send an urgent message to President Obama to urge him to use the next 71 days taking decisive action to protect our environment.

Onward, and take care of each other,

Michael Brune
Sierra Club Executive Director

P.S. To fight back, we'll need to build an even bigger movement. Forward this message to five of your friends and family and let them know how they can help protect our environment from Donald Trump and his polluter allies. Or spread the word on social media:


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